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 Period Professional Regular 
 Amount In BDTEducational QualificationYears of Experience
Full-Day 1000JSC-SSC5y Plus
Half Day 600JSC-SSC5y Plus
Weekly 6000JSC-SSC5y Plus
 Period Premium Regular 
 AmountEducational QualificationYears of Experience
Full-Day 1000-1300SSC-HSC7y-14y
Half Day 600-700SSC-HSC7y-14y
Weekly 6000-7,000SSC-HSC7y-14y
Period  Premium Plus Regular 
 AmountEducational QualificationYears of Experience
Full-Day 1400JSC-SSC14y-25y
Half Day 700-800JSC-SSC14y-25y
Weekly 7000 – 7500JSC-SSC14y-25y

Procedures For On Demand Driver

Because we drive your car for you, we’re able to offer personal driver services far more cost-effectively than using a taxi or limo, no matter where you need us to take you. 

Customer Have  to pay more than 20% of Service charge for visiting outside of Dhaka. 

1. If driver is taken outside Dhaka then accommodation and food allowance of BDT 1000 is applicable only if the customer doesn’t provide it.

2. The Driver hired should be dropped off back to Dhaka, otherwise if dropped off outside Dhaka, then the customer needs to provide the driver with the travel allowance and also the Over-Time Charge based on the travel time back to Dhaka.
3. Upto 25% worth damage coverage included in this service if Driver is responsible for that.

4. Full day starting schedule : Between 8 AM to 4 PM, Service duration is 8 Hours.
5. Half Day starting schedule: Between 8AM to 12 PM for morning shift and Between 3 pm to 7 pm for evening shift, Service duration is 4 Hours.

6. Booking needs to be confirmed 24 hours before taking service with minimum 50% booking money.
7. Professional Drivers are 3-6 years experienced where as premium drivers are 7 years+ experienced.
8. Also premium drivers are expert on driving high-end luxury cars.

9. Customer can change Schedule date based on driver availability.

10. Lunch or Food Allowance 100 BDT/Day( Within Dhaka City)
11. Overtime charges : 100 BDT per hour (upto 10 PM). Overtime charges : 120 BDT per hour (after 10 PM-12 PM).

Noted: Given pricing is applicable for general days only  it will be more than 30% more on especial govt Holiday such as Eid Day, Pohela Boishak, First May and others.
Terms and Conditions Apply.


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